martes, 17 de abril de 2007

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domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Good bye English's courses

I think this was the funniest English’s I have ever had. Every body must have learnt something good and interesting. I wish other had been like this ones

Like our professor says "keep on shinning"

And please it is our task to improve our English and must be one of or goals!! Love English, speak English, be English but not forgetting than after all we are Venezuelans and our language is Venezolano!

jueves, 5 de abril de 2007


Play a samorost's demo at

unit 4 advantages and disadvantages

In these units was tought how to use transition expressions, which are a way to link or to join sentence in order to make easier the reading. As a way to practice this transition expressions we were asked to develop a paragraph using them where we had to name three advantage and disadvantages

Private schools

In these times private schools have become more popular and even have surpassed public schools. Most of the people agree with them. However, not everybody thinks the same. For example, privates are more organized than public. Nevertheless, its organization depends on the budget they have. Of course, not all private schools have a large budget. Besides, in these schools the conduct is usually better. On the contrary, public schools have been characterized for student’s behavior that nowadays affects in Venezuela. Although, some teachers generally are forced by the administration of the school to pass their students. In addition, some people think private schools give more knowledge to the students than others. Although, even considering that they offer more knowledge, not everybody can afford this kind of schools. As has been said, private schools have some advantages and disadvantages, so this factors should be considered when deciding your children’s future.

I think this transition expressions are extremely important to develop our writing skill. And I believe I have learnt a lot

Unit 0 introducing myself

hi every body

Tue Jan 30, 2007 1:38 pm (PST)

Hi, there! My name's Javier Guerra but you can call me Javo. I'm
from Ciudad Ojeda, originally. But I am living in Maracaibo nowdays.
I'm 20 years old and I study Electronic Engineering at URBE . I
live in Maracaibo, in "El Cuji".
I love listening to music all the time , and being relaxed, I also
like to hang out with my friends and girlfriend, one of the things I
enjoy the most is to go to the cinema and watching a good movie like
The Truman Show, besides I like to work on computers as a hobby

I hate reggeaton and the way people dance it, I do not like rude or offensive
people. Hey washing the dishes is also awful :S .

My dream is to success and be a successful engineer in the future. I
would like to build my own company of networking, some day in my near
future. I also would like to perfect my French and English to travel
all around the world

About English, I have always loved to learn new languages, so I
think English is very important to learn it, In order to be a good
professional. I think speaking many languages is one of the key to

now I'll introduce my two friends

The first is Rafael and he is from Cabimas, he studies here at
U.R.B.E electronic engineering. He is 20 years old and he lives
in "Ciudadela Faria"
He loves listening to music, specially ska, he dies for pizza,
reading and having a good time with his friends
He does not like reggeaton nor vallenato, and he hates bad teachers.
His dream is to Create a company of networking, he wishes to be a good professional on
his branch
He thinks, it is very important to learn english because is a global
language and almos everybody speak it

The second one is Jesus Castellano and he is 20 years old. He lives
in Maracaibo in "integracion communal"
He likes to download music and DVDs by the internet and watching TV
He dislikes vallenato and reggeaton, also he hates eating old raviolis. besides, he
does not like washing the dishes in Piero's house
He would like to Create a company related to services with internet like microsoft
He thinks english is very useful, but he does not espeak it and he hopes
someday he will learn it perfectly

Unit 1 writing

This unit is about how to organize our ideas and how to create a paragraph

which is extremely important if we want to built one well designed paragraph

Implementing a network
Tue Feb 6, 2007 1:03 pm

A network is a delicate issue when it is decided how to design it.
There are lots of different types of networks that are closely
related to the needs of the user. For each case there are different
needs from the costumer and a different network to implement.
Nevertheless for knowing which technique is the most appropriate, a
conjunction of procedures needs to be done. First, it is necessary
to evaluate the necessities of the costumer which are vital to make
any decision because they give parameters to know how to design the
network. For example, the number of users gives the idea of how big
must be the network. Next the costumers must establish some limits
depending of what they want. After that, the process of designing is
done using what it is mentioned before. In this part the designer
collets all the information and makes the designing. Once the
designing is done for applying it, an inform has to be done
specifying all that it is going to be use in the network, including
the meters of cable if it is not wireless, the types of switches,
routers and their costs. After the costumer approves the implement
of the network, a final step has to be done. The design has to be
corrected and checked by an expert who will simulate it using
different techniques and seeing if it is going to work. All networks
are different and have different purposes, but following these steps
will guarantee its efficiency.

After we have learnt how to organize a paragraph it is clearer and easier

to do one. So I think this unit was very important

Unit 2 Advertising

In this unit we were taught how to use supporting and concluding sentences. The supporting sentences are the one who help us to develop our writing and to make clearer our opinion concerning to the topic. These type of sentences are the ones that explain the topic and say what it is about

TV commercial

Among all the commercials I have seen, I think it is a French commercial I saw once by
surfing the net. This advertisement is about a man with his son in the supermarket.
Of course like all children his son is looking for chocolates and brings him some
bonbons. The children says "Je veux des bonbons" what it means I want some bonbons.
the father doesn't pay attention to the little kid. But suddenly the boy starts to scream, to yell and to throw thing to the floor. The father desperately looks at the camera and then the screen goes blank ant there is and announcement that says "use condoms". In conclusion, I think this is a very funny and peculiar way to inform people about the contraceptives.

This unit was very important for being the continuation of how to develop a paragraph what I think is very important and useful.